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February 09, 2013


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Juan Manuel Rey (@jreypo)

I agree with you, it was about time to have a Linux based vCenter and I can live with one that it's based on SuSE ;-) BTW yes it comes with an embedded database, vPostgres (the VMware version of PostgreSQL) however it's limited to 5 hosts and 50 VMs (It's able to manage a few more but it's not supported). vCSA was released with 5.0 about a year and a half ago & the first version came with embedded DB2, thankfully it was moved to Postgres in the Update 1.

It's a bit of self-promotion but check my articles about vCSA http://jreypo.wordpress.com/tag/vcsa/ :)

BTW After all these year being a Unix guy I still don't get the anti-Windows fundamentalism that most of the Unix/Linux folks tend to exhibit, it's not so bad ;-) Seriously I used Windows XP & 7 as my corporate OS for many years when I was at HP and was happy with them. I have to admit that I even like Windows 8, and I use OSX and Linux in my laptop and my desktop and probably will never use anything else but I don't dislike Windows per se.

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